Wild Child

Wild Child

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Inter Nos...

While the knight was on his way
to perform his basic duties in life
the Queen’s thoughts were engulfed by the memories and sensations
imposed on her.

In her world she functioned and performed her duties
as was expected of her
as she was dedicated to doing
out of the love in her heart and the honor she lived by.

For so long she lived without real love
had lost the love of her king
to the dedication of his duties to his realm
ignored and abandoned to be a mere subject, like any other in the castle.

Until one day in the King’s absence
the knight had to report to duty, to the Queen
it was his first time meeting the Queen in person
the minute he laid his eyes upon her, her beauty overwhelmed him.

Their eyes met and locked into a long glance
he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen
she was more than a mere Lady, Princess, and Queen
she was a Goddess, ethereal and heavenly, he knew at that instant that he would love her forever.

The Queen realized through their glance that the knight was special
she knew she would let him into her world
that lacked love, laughter and companionship
with honor in his heart, he treated her with the dignity that she deserved knowing he may never join her pedestal.

They met privately in her chambers to share intimate moments
he passionately loved her and she embraced him with her heart
she opened her mind to what he had to offer
her soul ached to feel the intensity of a deep love for him.

Until one day, the realization of what was came to fruition
she could no longer continue the façade of what could not be
their lives were not in the same place to coincide
she knew in her mind she had to deny herself the passion.

Their private moments together were few but special
the last time they made love they both knew something had changed
they could see it in their eyes and feel it in their hearts
tears ran down their faces and their lips quivered.

Slowly the scene changed from their magical private moments
To her world of solitude and self seeking fulfillment
She would once again find solace, somehow
In herself and her quest for life’s meaning.

As she watched the knight ride on his horse from her tower window
he disappeared further and further into the forest
her heart weighing heavily because she knew the pain to be faced
with the last traces of his kiss on her lips.

She knew how empty his cup had been; hers had been as empty too
she knew he was special, he would think otherwise
she gave herself to him; he took that with him, just as she kept him
And, her world would never be the same.