Wild Child

Wild Child

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wicked Weird Fact #10

Not only are we having sexual contact with animals, we're also getting caught. One can only imagine the humiliation felt by the 59 year old man from Sussex, England, who, in 1994, sat his friends down to watch a wedding video, inserted the wrong tape, and instead treated them to a video of him having sex with the neighbor's dog. It's uncertain whether the neighbors were there at the time, but you can bet Rover was kept inside from then on.

I Wonder...

I wonder...I wonder about your life. Can't let this chance go by without telling you... I wonder about you. I know you can't read my mind. I see so many things in you. I wonder...what your heart holds in its place, in its space. Behind my eyes there is a need to know, if there is strength, courage and wisdom inside of you...like there is inside of me. When I close my eyes and feel that I can make my life what I want it to be, if I just let it be. Don't hide it from me. Let me see the mental pictures that re-play behind those meaningful glances. Let me hear the real meaning behind the casual words. I wonder if you see how much you mean to me. Yet...I am appeased by the simplicity of not knowing it or stressing it. You see, I realize that it is a wonder...us that is. That's all I do know. That's all that matters.
I wonder...
If you wonder...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stacked Stories...

Stacked stories... So the steeper the stack, the more interesting the stories?
I bet is is! No, I know it is!
Imagine...All that you've experienced in a sexual level. Your dreams, fantasies and experiences, times people in the world. It's exciting to think of the possibilities. Every sexual experience takes you deeper into a realm you haven't entered before. It opens your mind to new possibilities that you might not otherwise contemplate. It opens your heart and body to new passions and desires, the kind that surprise you. When you say to yourself, "this is so out of my character".  What triggered that? How did I let myself get into that or to this point? How come I don't understand it? I believe we will not always understand all the things we experience in our lifetime. This is where the heart and the mind will battle. They will not always jive to the same jazz. So let it go and just know that what triggered it, was in fact a void. Subconsciously, we know what we do, although we may be able to interpret it right away or not at all. Instinctively, I believe we react as our lives indicate we should. You say, "yeah right!" Our minds are so powerful, so deep...I don't think we're smart enough for ourselves.  In retrospect, the epiphany of some will come to fruition for our understanding. Are some of us stacked better than others? Sure...but that's not cheating. An advantage? Sure...but why dwell on that? 
Create your own interesting stories...
Arrange the way you play out your life...
Is that a poker face you're giving me? ...
Get stacked! ...

Wicked Weird Fact #9

Because you can...
If a man claims to be an audopederast, show respect. The means he's able to insert his own penis into his own anus. While it's not physically possible for most men, with a semi-erect penis, some achieve it.
What the hell?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wicked Weird Fact #8

Apparently exhausting- The story of Sarah Carmen from the UK who has 200 orgasms per day due to Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS).  This condition also called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, increases blood flow to the genitals and results in spontaneous and constant arousal, often unrelated to sexual desire. It can be set off by the mere rumble of a distant train or the vibrations of a hairdryer.  Wow...just crazy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shadow of Thoughts...

Shadow of thoughts...yes, wouldn't you like to know. Sometimes we hide in the shadow of our thoughts, indeed. I'm always curious what people are really thinking versus what they are saying or how they are acting. I believe, the majority of the time and the majority of people do the opposite of what's in their mind. It is a difficult thing to truly be yourself at all times. For fear of being misunderstood, disliked and disconnected. Your individuality is just as important as your sense of community. Do we truly believe that we would be loved less if we revealed our true selves? I think that it would draw people to you instead. What's more intriguing than an interesting unique person? Who doesn't appreciate someone who is their true self? We love REAL...We connect with REAL. Real is hardcore. Real is life. Real is the pain and passion of love. Real is the hardship of life. Real is some f*cked up sh*t!!! But...nothing better than feeling alive with the "realness" we deal with day in and day out. Don't live in the shadow of your thoughts. Live true to yourself. Cast it out from the shadows!!! What you will find is that once you wear your heart full on sleeve, you will never want to hide beneath the shadows of your true self. In that darkness lingers... misery and contempt. In the light thrives... energy and enthusiasm.
Shadow of thoughts...
None hiding...
My smile...
Is the thought from my shadow...

Wicked Weird Fact #7

"Everyone to his own taste and mine is for corpses", said Henry Blot, a famous necrophilliac at his trial in the 19th century. He's continued to have sex with his wife for seven years after her death. If you think that's odd, cast a suspicious eye over anyone abnormally absorbed in the statue of David. A galateist or agalmatophilliac is a person sexually attracted to statues or mannequins.
Just plain weird...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Tree of Life"

This gift, I give you
Born of the tree of life
Bestowed to a precious three
Loving more than life itself
More than, even my own
My love is as deep as the roots
Nourishment, already mine
For the lessons taught from seed to nurturer
The bravery of lions
The strength of gorillas
The passion of youth
The love of hearts
The wisdom of observation
Fearless reminders of undeniable urges
Desires to live life full
Contemplation from inexperience
Matters the mind has forgotten
My friends, my confidants
My rock of Gibraltar
Doubt of survival need not exist
Protected with guidance
And, the collective mind of three
Leading life with honesty, with truth
Inner beings of pure energy
Filled with compassion
Colorful fruit I have bared
Except, judge me not
Sweetness tells the true tale
The vitality of my being
Transcending onto the fruit
Forever impactful on the world
A force of affirmation
As deep bound connections reach out
Desire of a legacy
While roots travel afar
Once was my existence
But, no longer more
As life continues forward
Forgotten, shall I be
Except the souls linked forever
Luscious fruit still thrive
And, the sweetness reminder of me…

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weird Wicked Fact #6

In Japan, there was a trade in 
used panties of schoolgirls,
housewives, nurses, and widows.
You could also buy bottles of schoolgirl saliva.
What the hell?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Your Point? ...

          Your point?... Yeah, hand on the hips...BRING IT ON!!! There's a problem, when all I want to do is disconnect from men. Sometimes I really wonder if it's worth the misery. I don't care how much I like sex! I don't give a crap that I write erotica! I don't care how pretty you think I am! I don't care that I'm built like a Brikhaus! Those factors don't automatically make me scandalous. You want scandalous? I can give you that sh*t on a platter...shove it down your throat and watch you swallow. Hmm, watch me!!!
          And... I certainly don't give a sh*t how much I like you or even love you! If you don't know how to act with me, I will cut you off. I have standards...you meet them or you don't. Do you not understand the concept of relationships and the differences between an acquaintance, a friendship and a partner? Don't tell me you can be friends and than insinuate sexual things. Don't tell me you care for me and than act like we're strangers. Don't say hi to me and than grab my ass. Get your f@cking act together as men.  You see...we're told that women are emotional but the way I see it, is that your emotional on the inside. I'll ramble and put all my laundry out to dry and you'll ramble in your head with an inner monologue...WHO'S CRAZY? Keep holding that shit in...I'll watch on the sidelines while you'll blow up! Better yet, I won't wait around for the explosion. By the time you figure it out, I'm in a new location.
          So let me get this straight? Does a man really become friends with a woman if he's not attracted to her? Is that even feasible? Or is the attraction there, but he doesn't fess up to it? What he wants is to be in control? Well LA-DE F%@KIN' DA!!!  Can a man be around a woman and not want to get in her pants? Why is it when a man gets a woman, he decides after he doesn't want her? Why is it so hard to say what's on your mind? Or say what you mean? I know we don't think or talk the same. But that's why we like each other, right? There's got to be some sort of happy medium. Talk to me here... 
          I consider myself cute. A regular woman, yes...regular, just feisty!  I get plenty of offers and I have options. So why do I hold back? I'll tell you why... 9 times out of 10, every interaction I have is about the guy wanting sex. He may skirt around the issue, more like he's wearing the skirt! Well big f@cking surprise. 8 times out of ten, I'm not interested dude...keep it moving! Meaning...The two options are, I'm so attracted to one guy I'd do him in a heartbeat if I listened to my sweet and gooey caramel. I don't care about your name...I just want to do ya! The other guy, well...I've made some sort of connection. I get him, he gets me. We talk, we jive, we mesh, we're in sync...yeah man you could be my Mr. Wonderful. Yet...you've got issues. Not that I'm perfect...soooo not perfect! But come onnnn!!! I'm trying to move forward, not regress back to high school when none of us knew jack sh*t about anything important...even if we thought we did and acted like smart asses.
           We've all had experiences. We've all screwed up good relationships. Can we treat everyone the way we deserve to be treated? The way you want to be treated? Why is it so hard to be honest and upfront? As a woman, if you said to me..."I think you're sexy and I'd love to get with you", I might consider it if I'm feeling you and if I'm not I would say, "you're sweet but I don't dig you that way". Or in a relationship, "I really care for you but I'm afraid of getting hurt", I would respect your strength in telling me private personal feelings and would say "I understand, I feel the same way". 
          You get my point right? I needed to vent. That helps me analyze and clarify what I need to do. Yes, choices...around my friendships, around the men in my life. Who I adore, who I care for, who I love....who I can live without if push comes to shove. Because, if I'm miserable most of the time than somethings got to give. It means I'm not getting what I need. I could be fooling myself that things will work out because I care. That in time everything will fall into place as it should. What I have learned in my life from a once great marriage that became loveless, meaning we fell out of love...is that it should never be so much work to stay unified. Good relationships require work...but when the majority of your time is unhappy and your constantly working to be happy, then its time to re-evaluate the relationship. With me, there can be no holding back.  Unless, you have something you need to share with me. I suggest you do so...
Your point? ...
I'm listening...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wicked Weird Fact #5

In Victorian times, boys were stopped
from masturbating by having their foreskin
drawn forward, holes drilled through it,
and lock and key laced through.
What the hell?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wicked Weird Fact #4

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
invented breakfast cereal as 
an antidote to masturbation.
He believed sex was
"injurious to health".
What the hell?


Deviant....my twisted side? Yeah, I'd say that. We all have that side to us. You can see it in my eyes. I'm being deviant to my own standards. Trying to break the chains that have held me down. I've always been a free spirit. Wild? Hmm, possibly. Wild doesn't mean bad though. I have a good heart and I'm a good soul. My Libra scales have been tipped unevenly for quite awhile and I'm trying to bring back that balance. But...I also like the idea of tipping it to the other extreme first, just to see. To see what? Who knows? That's the point. My mouth has already been there and done that, holding back is not my forte. However, I'm good at following the rules, conforming and being political correct. There's advantages to that, that many deviants don't get...or they do, but don't give a crap. Since the tables have turned on me, I realize the party isn't the chips and dip on the table. Duh!!! Well, I already knew that! I just needed someone to bring sexy back! A partner in crime...so connected, we finish each others sentences. Can be a bad ass deviant when necessary. Push each other over the edge a bit, but catch me if I'm going to fall to fast or hard. If wild is feeling alive, I'm in like Flynn.
Twisted pretzels...
The prism of us...
Being defiantly deviant...

-Liz ; )

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wicked Weird Fact #3

A teacup, a pair of glasses, a pig's tail,
a flashlight, and a jar of peanut butter 
have been removed by doctors from the
male rectum.
What the hell?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sex Jargon 2

Someone who gives oral or hand-jobs to make porn stars
before they go on camera. These days it tends to be DIY.
A vagina or anus stretched or held open to create a hole.
A hole in the wall that someone inserts a penis into anonymously,
while someone on the other side sucks it.
The act of peeing on others or being peed on.
Ejaculating for the camera. The longer the semen spurts out
and the more of it there is, the better.
Ejaculating on to a women's neck and breasts so that the semen looks like a necklace.
A male or female who pretends to be a pony in a submissive
roleplay. Some wear a  saddle.
A professional amateur-meaning some of the "stars" are
"real people" as opposed to porn stars.
The industry term for someone who buys porn films.
Dipping testes on to someone's face or into their mouth.
One sex act after another without even a pretense of plot.
Possibly the most honest porn flick of all.
Being aroused by peeing on someone or being peed on.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Get it on in Public...

This song is sexy...
People will do the craziest stuff to get laid.

Now... check out this link below for funny public sex.
Not exactly what I call sexy.
I was laughing the entire time.
I'm sorry, she wasn't enjoying herself...pleazzze!!!

Sex Jargon 1...

A bisexual man.
"Ass to mouth" as in finger, penis, or sex toy inserted up someone's bottom 
then popped right into mouth. Can cause potentially life-threatening diseases.
The act of choking someone until they almost die in
order to intensify orgasm. Can go fatally wrong.
Ejaculating on someone's back or bottom.
Cock and ball torture.
It can cause irreparable damage.
A woman with semen dripping from her anus or vagina.
Double anal: two penises in one bottom.
(yes, it's possible)
Double penetration: in the vagina and in the bottom.
Sex involving injury, death or humiliation.
Do yourself a favor, don't go there.
Porn with a plot.
Sucking fluids from the vagina or anus.
Poses the same health risks as ATM.
Being penetrated while sucking another man.
Inserting a whole hand into the vagina or anus.

Wicked Weird Fact #2

In 1999, a blond porn star called Houston decided 
to hold the world's biggest Gangbang,
getting through exactly 620 men in one session.
What the hell?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wicked Weird Fact #1


   There was a man who injected cocaine into his penis. 
Ended up with gangrene and it fell off in the tub.
He also lost both his legs and nine fingers.
What the hell?

Tell Me Why? ...

Tell me why?...You feel the way you do. Curious. I have a need to understand you better. Deep words can never be taken casually. Nothing's ever promised tomorrow today, be honest babe. Are people in our life just like the season's? Coming and going at the whim of their moods. Nothing lasts forever, but we could find a way. It may be... the only way. There's no denying feelings, they're there for a reason, they happened for a reason. But dreamy looks, kisses, caresses and loving don't tell the whole story. The story lives in your mind, let your heart author it, let your lips tell it. I need to see and feel that we jive in every way possible, even if it isn't a perfect mesh. There can be no unanswered questions left. If I have to keep asking questions than you're not feeding me what I need. If I stop asking questions than basically I will leave us at the status quo, which means this is the furthest we go. Which can also mean, that my interest may have been captured in a different story with someone willing to write me into theirs.
Back to your story...
So, tell me why? ...
You feel the way you do...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Juxtapoz Erotica

     Let's first explain what Juxtapoz is, for those who may not know.
Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine was created in 1994 by a group of artists and collectors including Robert Williams, Fausto Vitello, C.R. Stecyk III (aka: Craig Stecyk), Greg Escalante, and Eric Swenson to both help define and celebrate urban alternative and underground contemporary art. It was edited from 1996 to 2006 by Jamie O'Shea. Juxtapoz is published by High Speed Productions, the same company that publishes Thrasher Skateboard magazine.
     Juxtapoz launched with the mission of connecting modern genres like psychedelic and hot rod art, graffiti, street art, and illustration, to the context of broader more historically recognized genres of art like Pop, assemblage, old master painting, and conceptual art. Although based in San Francisco, Juxtapoz was founded upon the belief in the virtues of Southern California Pop Culture and the freedom from the conventions of the "established" New York art world. Ferus Gallery, run by Walter Hopps and Irving Blum in the 1950s and 1960s was the ultimate cultural touchstone for the magazine.
As of 2009 it has the largest circulation of any art magazine in the United States.
     As an erotica author, I have definitely experienced the stigma that comes with writing erotica. So many people confuse erotica with pornography. They are two completely different arenas. The same applies for erotic art. Sexuality is depicted as metaphors for other themes or concepts. The images are enthralling, captivating, fascinating, charismatic, disturbing and alluring. I found myself staring at images endlessly trying to interpret the artist's meaning behind the images. But...as an artist and writer, my main concern is not others approval...my concern is that it stirs some sort of reaction, regardless of what kind because it doesn't matter. And art, is all about interpretation...emotions...reactions. We're all going to see something different anyway, that's inevitable and it's also okay. If you love art, you'll love this book. If you love sexuality, you'll really love this book. This obviously is a book to add to  your collection or possibly start one.  
I recommend this book.

Music For My Soul...

Music for my soul...I have a deep love for music. All kinds of music. I cannot go a day without listening to music. I learned to play the piano at 3 and the flute at 7, almost deciding to go to a music conservatory instead of college. I'd be a different Liz, so let me stay focused. Music has probably been my best friend through my separation of my ex-husband. Sounds sad, but it's not. Meaning, it filled a void for me that my family and friends could not. Music links all the emotional, spiritual and physical elements in my world. Probably the universe. I could play certain music based on my moods. If I was sad I could play something uplifting, or I could dwell in the sadness. The rhythm orders movement...almost demands it. My pulse shifts and it allows me to think clearly.  I cook to music. I write to music. I sculpt to music. I make love to music. I sleep to music. Music is known to enhance intelligence, learning and IQ. Who doesn't want that? I'll take a few notches of extra smarts any day!

Music for my soul...
Makes me whole...
Filling my soul...
Let's rock and roll...

-Liz  = )

Saturday, August 13, 2011

True Stripes...

True stripes...
So let me get this straight? 
You're really a sleazy snake in the grass?
Carnivorous womanizing cold blooded b*tch ass ball-less...
excuse for a m*therf*cker man?
Your bite is way too big for your head...both heads!
You need to get a grip on yourself and cut off the circulation so you can think straight. 
A true alpha is not determined by your brawn, which is why a huge percentage of you cannot handle a solid strong self sufficient woman. A man who can acknowledge and express his feelings, be in tune with his spirituality and think with his heart is a truly strong man in every sense of the word. I have no patience to tolerate a narrow view... scaled by indifference, ignorance, lack of self control and excuses that you can't help being what you are. That's a load of fossilized venom that's going to kill off and subdue the worthless subspecies of manhood that somehow still exists our there, on every continent of this earth. You can huff, puff and hiss all you want. This feisty fox is going to put a constricting twist to your lame excuse of survival tactics. Dig yourself back into that hole in the sand.
Your true stripes cannot be camouflaged...
I am not your prey...
I am your predator...
   You must have been blinded by my true stripes...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sketches of me...

Sketches of me...
Quickly captured images...Tidbits of my life...Brief stolen moments in action...
Never to be repeated or duplicated. Every time you get to know me better, things look more and more interesting. It tells me more... so much more about you, than it does me. You tell a story, that I didn't know existed. You share an image, that I didn't see for myself. You express a viewpoint, that didn't occur to me. Seeing me in moments at my best, at my worst, at my silliest and even at my saddest.  Will your mind conjure the final piece to be gloriously beautiful or deeply scary? Will my imperfections make me more desirable in your eyes? Or turn you away? Will you finally understand the compilation that is my image, my concept, my principal? Will you understand me? Make no mistake, you are my creator...my maker. The true artist lives in you. You define what I am to you and to others. When you caress the lines of my soul through defined pressure and my heart with the strength of your hands...I am stroked to reflect what I am meant to be. 
Can you live with that?
Will you speak to the meaning of your creation?
Sketches of me?
Sketched from you...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Fire and Ice"

...Fire & Ice

You want me, and you don't
I logically contemplate
The black and white that is we
Fire and Ice
We are two extreme points
On the spectrum of love
Exhausting, incorrect assumptions
Which deliberately deceive
The logic, our minds reference
In a false dilemma
Forcing us to choose
Through a clouded infiltration of cool heat
Distinctly forming the phenomenon
Of, our perfect shades of grey

You drew me in from the darkness
With your light, as sparks caught my eye
Like a display of fireworks
It was transparent
That my abundant Terra
Was in a cool state of affairs
Heart displaying an aura of frozen love
Attempting to deflect your brilliant flickering
Flames of dewy discourse
That warmed the airy inclusions of indifference
In my soiled opaque view of sensual love
Expanded by the dramatic formation of icy distrust
My element, now a frigid crystalline goddess
Bonded by a critically weak and dense less formation

Your soul exuded a complex intensity
Sparks grew to vibrant flames
Heating me to my very core
Shifting the abundance of my solid state
The deposition, of my heart
As, confused vapor's precipitated my sad eyes
Through the continuous fluidity of emotions
Chemically altered by electrical charges
From our bonded energy
The true measure of our strength
Uniquely defined mole
Gaining and losing feelings
The expression of our love determined by
How much heated heartache could break us

We fueled our relationship with love
Exchanging the heat of our passion
Thriving our erotic combustion explosively
To vigorous heights
Impacting and shattering the Ice cap of my soul
Wedging the scales equilibrium by
Expressing the dynamic parameters of us
Hovered by a doubtful cloud of hanging icicles
Flexibly moving pure translational devotion
Forever shifting, yet un-altering
The fundamental constant nature of
Our own personal properties
Visibly radiating light on a deeper wavelength
Exhibiting the duality and the unity, of us

Revealing the colorless spectrum of real love

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Profilin' ...

Profilin'...Check me out....Analyze me...Make assessments....
I'm not that easy to figure out! In the sphere of Me...my mind...my heart...my soul. The point of profilin' is to determine predictability, behaviors, mindset. Pleazzzze!!! Really, do we think that all females think alike, men think alike, Hispanics think alike, Blacks think alike, Caucasians think alike,  age group thinks alike? Delusional....Too many factors make us differ. Way too many! I may volunteer information, details that may help you understand me a bit better.  But, that byte of information will never be enough to provide a complete full comprehensible dossier of this Chica...comprende? I don't have life figured out, or myself or even love. I like change. Change is growth. Growth is uncomfortable. Growth is exciting too. It opens windows and doors to tremendous opportunities. Yes, let's keep the sphere spinning with all points balanced. I may need you to be my axial, to support our convergence together so it has purpose, meaning, functionality and beauty in the "we". Just know and remember that even minor evolutionary changes take place daily. 
So, don't waste your time checking me out, unless it's just for pleasure.
You make think we're unrelated...
Or, that I represent a theory or phenomena in your mind...
But, infinitely a highly perceptive profile...
Would lead you to an answer, with a finite limit...
Meaning, there's no overlap...
Your standing on the same ground...
Ahhh, our minds just met...
-Liz ; )

Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting Leid...

Getting leid...can be a definitive moment between two people, I'm not trying to be crass either. You see, it's an opportunity to express love or extreme like, respect, admiration and a desire to please. Even for those of you who do it quite casually. When you choose someone out of a crowd of people, you're expressing a desire to be with them. Drawn either because of mutual intelligence, mental connection, physical attraction and of course personality. Maybe it's all of the above, which means they've touched you on a deeper level. Than really, it's more than that...something some of you won't want to hear or acknowledge, something some of you will be excited and enticed with. Think of it as a form of welcoming that special person to the fresh and bold flower that is your connection...your intimacy...his or her beauty. It can also mean a sweet yet sad farewell to something that was and can no longer be.
Just remember, it is appropriate and expected...
A kiss must happen...
Before and after getting leid...
-Liz ; )

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Submersed...in the fluidity of my life. Which is determined by the viscosity of my being. Meaning...We are the true measure of resistance in our own lives. The more friction and resistance we create, for whatever reasons... makes us viscous. Certainly, we all want to be happy and exist in a drama free life. Strive for that...we deserve it! We know, there is no perfect world. But, understand that we cannot control external forces of friction and stress. We can only control our reactions, so that our fluidity is least impacted. An advantage that some of us have over others is...cognitive fluidity. Being consciously attentive and self-reflective. The more in tune you are to yourself, the better you can process life and your purpose in it. And... lets not leave out sexual fluidity. Some of us will live with an orientation that is innate and fixed through our lives. Others, will have a fluidity that allows them to change and adapt in their lives based on their needs, preference and desire. I seek a continuum of learning, exploring and growth as a person. To depths, I have yet to be aware of. 
But, superfluous...
In this Life...