Wild Child

Wild Child

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Book of Men

The Book of Men reflects "stories" from her life and relationships. She writes from experiences in a natural voice that anyone can understand. I believe one of the most natural reads for me since I started reading poetry. Her feminine viewpoint is quite insightful to the male viewpoint, understanding what most women can't about the male psyche, even experienced women. The book is not all testosterone driven though. She touches on the vietnam war, pop icons like superman, music icons like Cher and the Beatles, and her mother's dementia (a topic close to my heart with my father). Dorianne allows us to connect with her on an equal playing field as if we've been there and done that too. There is something that everyone can connect to. If you haven't you most certainly will experience some of these normal life experiences that she uniquely shares in a sometimes humorous voice. This is my first time reading poetry from Laux and the first time I didn't feel overwhelmed in trying to understand it's meaning. Does that mean it's superficial? No. It means she writes fluidly and simply but by all means is not simple. I look forward to reading some of her older books. I know, maybe I should have read them in sequence and than again regressing might be quite enjoyable. I definitely recommend this book, especially if you enjoy men! 


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